Coach Leadership Team

Ultimately the HCANZA Board’s goal is to ensure that an HCANZA Coach membership is an irresistible proposition, creating a vibrant professional community and value for current and prospective coach members.
The Coach Leadership team is a voluntary think tank of coach members that acts as an incubator of ideas for realising that goal. They bring perspectives and strong voices of members to the Board, ensuring HCANZA continues to meet the needs of its membership.
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Youna Angevin-Castro

Youna is a specialist Women’s Health Coach who is passionate about empowering women to become actively involved in their own health journey, especially in mid-life.

She has worked in corporate communications for 20+ years, and has particular experience working with member-based organisations to improve communications and drive member engagement. 

Youna has been a HCANZA member since 2020, and is also the editor of the HCANZA Member newsletter. She is excited to be part of an inspired community of health coaches, and hopes to see health coaching gain the public acceptance it deserves within the wider community. 

Debra Carnes

Debra Carnes

Debra is a Health and Wellness Coach with a background in nursing, health policy and higher education who is passionate about safety culture, its impact and the importance of self-care in the work environment, especially for those who work in health care and other essential services in Australia. If you are someone who works in an essential services role and you would like to develop self-care strategies to improve your wellbeing please visit my website. Drawing upon my skills and experience in innovative approaches to health care delivery and online learning allows me to also offer self-directed learning if that better suits you.

With the growth of health and wellness coaching, I am excited to be a member of HCANZA. Health consumers deserve quality and transparency and HCANZA has a vital role to play in this area.

David Carroll 25

David Carroll

David is passionate about helping people perform at their best and has extensive experience as a sports naturopath, personal fitness trainer, health coach and corporate trainer in the health, fitness and medical life science industries. As a specialist in coaching and development, he helps individuals and teams develop the skills, passion and mindset required to perform at their best. Applying evidence-based principles from naturopathic medicine, exercise physiology, coaching psychology, motivational interviewing, neuro-linguistics and adult learning, he will help you develop practical strategies for driving your personal health and professional performance.

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Sonya English

Registered comprehensive nurse, Master in Health Practice, advanced care practitioner (NZHQSC end of life discussions/ planning), PreKure certified health coach, certified professional coach in transformative coaching (coach masters academy). ICF ACC.

Following many years in the acute care service as a critical care nurse & nurse leader Sonya has first-hand experience of the rising pandemic that is a non-communicable chronic disease. As a health coach and health coach educator Sonya believes that health & wellness coaching is about giving our families and communities back the self-belief, knowledge & ownership of their health journey. She has a strong desire to inspire health coaches’ confidence to make real changes in health outcomes and influence the future of medicine. In her role as an HCANZA leadership team member, Sonya is motivated to work with our members to innovate, connect and grow a community of strong health pioneers.  

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Susan Harbers

Susan is a health coach with a strong focus on preventive lifestyle medicine. She  brings extensive life experiences, learnings and enthusiasm to her coaching practice, motivating and supporting clients to make positive changes to their health, happiness and wellbeing.

Susan has a long history working in corporate environments, providing high-level support to senior executives. She is a confident and outcome-focused changemaker, using her strong interpersonal and organisational skills to deliver outcomes.  As a member of the leadership team, Susan will passionately work towards HCANZA’s goal of bringing widespread recognition to our community of Health Coaches.   

Susan has been a HCANZA member since 2020.

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Kent Johns

Kent has been a HCANZA member for the past two years and brings passion, enthusiasm and humour to the team. He works with both individual and corporate clients to think optimistically about themselves and how to be truly engaged in their own health. Kent also has a media profile in NZ and promotes Health Coaching any chance he can!