Technical Advisory Team

At HCANZA we are privileged to be part of a much larger Health & Wellness community made of Doctors, Allied Health Professionals, Corporate Well-Being Advocates, Consumer Health Advocates, Researchers and many more. We are grateful to those that voluntarily join our Advisory Team, strengthening our collective scientific baseline with current patient and client-centred best practices occurring in clinics and workplaces.
Over the coming weeks new Advisory Team members will be introduced.  Take the time to understand the technical expertise and strengths each one of them brings to our community through blog posts, virtual expert meetings and resources.

Dr Suzie Carmack

Assistant Prof of Global & Community Health at George Mason University and Author

Dr Suzie Carmack is dedicated to moving individuals, teams, organizations, and global agencies to well-being.  In addition to being a two-time #1 best-selling author (Well-Being Ultimatum, 2015 and Genius Breaks, 2017), she is globally recognized as a pioneer in bringing yoga, mindfulness and compassion practices into the workplace and schools, as a way to raise awareness about sitting disease and to reduce stress in the work and school day.  As a well-being science consultant to global government agencies and media outlets, executive well-being coach, coach trainer, professor and sought-after keynote speaker, she is world-renowned for her innate ability to bring the complex sciences of stress, compassion and well-being to the public in a user-friendly, provocative and still humorous way. 

Dr Carmack holds a PhD in Health Communication from George Mason University, where she was alumnae of the year in 2018 and currently trains undergraduate and graduate students as an Assistant Professor of Global and Community Health. She also holds an MFA in Theatre; a Master of Education in Health and Kinesiology, and a BA in Communication Arts along with multiple professional training credentials as a Yoga Teacher Trainer (ERYT 500), Pilates Teacher Trainer (PMA-CPT), and Board-Certified Health Coach and Trainer of Well-Being Coaches for the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching, through her company YogaMedco. Learn more about Suzie and her efforts to bring well-being research into practice  in order to move the world to well-being at

Fiona Cosgronve.

Fiona Cosgrove

Masters Sports Science, Masters Counselling, NBC-HWC – National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Australia

Fiona Cosgrove holds master’s degrees in Sports Science and in Counselling. She is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and is undertaking PhD studies through Canterbury Christchurch University in UK.   Fiona has owned and managed several highly successful health clubs where she offered coaching services before heading up the Golden Door group of Health Retreats in Australia.  As a University lecturer, keynote speaker and author, she is highly respected and known for her passion for supporting people in sustainable lifestyle change –  not only those struggling with health conditions but to ensure optimal wellness for all.  Fiona is a member of the Global Wellness Institute’s Wellness Coaching Initiative who have released a white paper on the profession and are working towards further publications and awareness of the field.

Fiona has been a pioneer in the health and wellness coaching industry in Australia for over 15 years.  Her training school, Wellness Coaching Australia was the first international program to be an approved program under the stringent terms of  the NBHWC.  Fiona firmly believes that the way forward is ensuring that standards are set around training but also the assessment of coaches to ensure that they can deliver the practical side of coaching that is necessary to help others change for good –  as well as the knowledge they need to ensure the safety of clients. In this way the public and medical industries will recognise the scope and have trust in the important work that health and wellness coaches do.

CH Nurture talk

Dr Cliff Harvey

PhD, DipFit, DipNat

Dr Cliff Harvey is a registered clinical nutritionist, former world champion and world record-holding strength athlete, and researcher. He has been coaching people ranging from world champion athletes through to the chronically and acutely unwell to perform at their best, since the 1990s. Cliff’s research has focused on the use of medium-chain triglycerides to mitigate ‘keto-flu’ and encourage faster induction of nutritional ketosis, and on identifying markers of carbohydrate tolerance and appropriateness of different diets to individuals.

He is the founder of the Holistic Performance Institute, a private tertiary college, and is the author of many books including The Carbohydrate Appropriate Diet, the Ashton-Wylie Book Award finalist Time Rich, Cash Optional and The Credo: 8 Simple virtues for living with passion and purpose in the post-truth era.