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Anna de Valk

Professional Certified Coach (PCC, ICF), Mental Health Coach Program (PreKure), Neuroscience of Change (Coaches Rising), Certified Mindfulness Coach (Mindfulness Coaching Australia), Certified IGNITE Leadership Coach (The Forton Group), Ontological Coaching and Leadership (Newfield Institute), Graduate Certificate in Career Development (AUT), BA - Double Major Degree in Employment Relations & Organisational Studies and Sociology (University of Auckland).
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Coaching for stress, overwhelm and burnout. I support you to manage the stress in your life that can impact your performance and overall wellbeing. Together we can work on practical techniques to support you to thrive in life. I bring experience, empathy and trustworthiness and genuinely care about your fulfilment and wellbeing in both work and life. The key to managing stress is to adapt our thinking style. We have little if any control over what happens to us in life, but we do have control over how we respond to events and situations. Learning to respond to what happens and developing skills to navigate our thoughts and feelings is one of the best ways to effectively manage stress. Other areas of stress management we can address can include work-life balance, social connections and support networks, self-care, taking time for leisure, and implementing supportive sleep, nutrition, and exercise habits.

Company: NZI of Coaching