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Anna McPhail

Bachelor of Nursing, Registered Comp Nurse, PGCertTM (Travel Medicine), Health Coach (PreKure) Personal Trainer L5 (AUT)
Certifying Program

I am a Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Registered Nurse with over 24yrs experience in many different specialty areas of nursing. While living abroad with my family and taking the time to reflect on my career, I realised my passion is preventative health. I truly believe a holistic and preventative medicine approach is the way forward in a more healthful life. I set about researching how I could best foster this passion and help others and in 2019 I became a PreKure Certified Health Coach and a level 5 Certified Personal Trainer (AUT). I am committed to helping you see your full health potential and take the charge in making a positive lifestyle change. I thrive in the great outdoors and can’t wait to see you out there, on your way to a more healthful life! I am a member of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine.