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Claire Garwin

Registered General Nurse. Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. Certified Mind Body Eating Coach. Certified Gluten Practitioner. Medical Educator, HeartMath Practitioner
Certifying Program

Having applied to become a Nurse at the age of Nine, and working as a Nurse for over thirty years, I am truly passionate about all thing’s health.

Noticing that chronic disease impacts so many led me to become a Health Coach.

Science shows that our environment, how we sleep, our genes and the specific foods we eat have an impact on how we feel. There is a strong association between the foods we eat and the symptoms we show, including low energy, auto-immune response, headaches, mood etc.

Functional medicine is an evidence-based personalized approach that believes that all our bodily systems are connected and focuses on lifestyle choices.

As a Functional Medicine Health Coach, my role is to support you, share information, inspire, motivate and act as an ally who can hold you accountable and positively empower you to become the best expression of yourself.

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