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Deanne Wald

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Functional Medicine Coaching Academy
Certifying Program

A warm hello. My name is Deanne Wald. I especially love working with women and it is my desire to help them feel good within themselves. As a woman in my early 50’s I’ve had much-lived experience around body image and weight. I also have a son with autism which has led me on a journey to find integrative medicine. This has brought me to a place of deep empathy and understanding for the complexities many women face around worthiness and prioritising themselves.

Of particular interest is supporting women going through perimenopause and menopause.

Focusing on identifying how to self nurture through the lens of diet & nutrition, exercise & movement, sleep, stress, connection and above all our relationship to ourselves.

We’ll unpack diet and lifestyle patterns. Co-create mini-goals to build on and establish new health-supporting habits.

The process of change is difficult. That’s why having supportive guidance, encouragement and accountability from a coach can be the missing piece to your success.”



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