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Debra Carnes

BN, MNurs, PhD, GradCert L&T, Registered Nurse, Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Certifying Program

I’m a Health and Wellness Coach with a background in nursing, health policy and higher education who is passionate about safety culture, its impact and the importance of self-care in the work environment especially for those who work in health care and other essential services in Australia.

If you are someone who works in an essential services role and you would like to develop self-care strategies to improve your wellbeing please visit my website. Coaching is available through a secure telehealth platform.

Drawing upon my skills and experience in innovative approaches to health care delivery and online learning allows me to also offer self-directed learning if that better suits you.

With the growth of health and wellness coaching, I am excited to be a member of HCANZA. Health consumers deserve quality and transparency and HCANZA has a vital role to play in this area.




Company: Resilience Coach