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Doro Lindegger

Prekure Certified Health Coach, Health & Wellbeing Certificate NZQF L4 advanced Support Work in aged care Swiss qualified Social Worker/Counsellor HFS
Certifying Program

Working for nine years in aged care, I saw a lot of suffering from chronic diseases: diabetes, arthritis, dementia, obesity, anxiety and depression, the loss of mobility and loneliness. All too often I heard the statement “it’s just old age” or, “I never thought that being old is going to be like that”. It’s my mission to support you through your middle and older age with lifestyle medicine and behavioural changes that improve your well-being and life quality. Because joint aches, low energy, brain fog, high blood sugar, being overweight, feeling low and missing out on social life and physical activities and constant worrying is NOT a part of the “normal” ageing. I’m passionate about making a difference in our communities. I want you to be able to celebrate your birthdays at any age, with pride, with dignity, in good health and with a real zest for life.

Company: Well On Track