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Emma Bliss

BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences, MSc Science Education, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certificate of Advanced Physical Iridology (IIPA), Certificates of Advanced Education in Hormone Health, Emotional Eating Psychology, Gut Health, and Plant Based Nutrition,
Certifying Program

Emma is an internationally recognised Health Coach and Iridologist, working online with an international client reach.

Coaching with Emma includes a uniquely personalised plan based on your health history, your current goals and concerns, and what your eyes reveal about you.

Emma has a passion for keeping things simple, nurturing your body with whole food and implementing affordable (mostly free) and achievable lifestyle practices that are informed by evidence-based studies on longevity and contemporary scientific research. 

Emma is a firm believer that health and happiness go hand in hand, so in addition to tweaking your diet and lifestyle, your coaching program can also go deep into your relationships, connections, and your self-limiting beliefs. Emma can also support you to identify your passion and purpose and enable you to create your own blissful life doing more of what you love. 

Let’s add more LIFE to your years. 

Company: Bliss Health Coaching