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Helena Kastanis

Health and Wellness Coach & LCHF Advisor
Certifying Program

Change what’s on your plate and you’ll change your life! Having turned her own health around by harnessing the power of low carb nutrition, Helena can show you the tools you need to improve your health from the inside out. Utilising a client-centred approach that focuses on your health and wellness goals, her coaching style is supportive and tailored to your individual requirements. It is recognised that real, long term, sustained health change is entwined with behaviour. Helena’s holistic approach goes beyond food and guides you through understanding how habits are created and nurture a mindset of curiosity, growth, kindness and compassion. Clients drive this coaching process in a collaborative approach which leads to their ultimate health destination. A working mum of two teenage girls and a first-time marathon runner at 46, Helena is passionate about showing women that they don’t have to put themselves last, that anything is possible, that we can take control of our health at any age to achieve health goals that we never thought were possible.

Company: Changing Plates