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Ian Pritchard

Advanced Certificate in Mental Health
Certifying Program

Ian’s warm and engaging manner promotes an empathetic and mindful approach to supporting clients to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, improve their resilience and address barriers that may limit personal and professional progress. Ian has extensive training and experience working alongside people of all ages and backgrounds – addressing learning and behavioural issues, anxiety, depression, trauma and substance use. Ian has worked for the Ministry of Education for 9 years as Special Education Advisor, Senior Advisor and holding positions of Service Manager, Traumatic Incident Team Manager/Practice Lead and MOE Agent to CYMRC (Child/Youth Mortality Review Committee). His cross-agency experience and extensive sector relationships have contributed to improved outcomes and the prevention and resolution of many high-risk and complex issues and situations.

Ian has recently completed an Advanced Certificate in Mental Health with PreKure, including Mental Health Practises, Brain Biology and Neuroscience, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Substance Misuse and Addictions, Advanced Lifestyle Medicine for Mental Health, Psychological Injury, and Trauma and Mental Health Coaching. Ian’s culturally inclusive approach includes The Ministry of Health’s approved model of Te Whare Tapa Whā which acknowledges the importance of a spiritual dimension within wellbeing.

Company: New focus NZ