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Ilse Erasmus

IIN Certified Integrative Health Coach, PreKure Certified Health Coach
Certifying Program

IIN Certified Integrative Health Coach As an integrative health coach I work alongside my clients to support them on a holistic journey to achieve their wellness goals. I will support and guide you to take a holistic approach to your health and wellness, empowering you to look at all areas of your life that need nourishment and to make positive lifestyle choices to support your vibrant well-being. Health coaches support transformational lifestyle and behaviour change. Most chronic illnesses today are preventable through lifestyle change. The hallmarks of a healthy lifestyle include strong social connections, a balanced diet, adequate sleep, moving our bodies, managing stress and finding inner peace and purpose. I support my clients in implementing lifestyle changes to support a sustained sense of wellbeing – all of their needs being met. Mind. Heart. Body. Spirit.