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Jacqui de Smidt

Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology and Social Anthropology, Medical Doctor MBChB (not currently practising), Wellcoaches trained Lifestyle Medicine Coach, Plant-Based Nutrition e-Cornel
Certifying Program

I have always been fascinated by how our choices, culture, genetics, environment and hundreds of invisible factors determine our health. My years as an undergraduate in psychology and social anthropology added fuel to this fire. The human mind interacts with the human body in the human world….such a complex web of interdependent factors and forces that create ones lived experience of health. Working as a Medical Doctor I saw first-hand how people’s understanding of and relationship with their body, their culture, their habits, their values and their limitations determined their health outcomes. How invisible forces like puppet strings seem to lead people down paths of health or disease. I longed to discover those forces and strings and empower people to see the factors that are influencing their own health journey –to take control of the strings and choreograph their own dance to the life song they long to dance to. I completed my Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate through e-Cornel and needing more insight into the science of behaviour modification I found the missing link in my training and became certified as a Lifestyle Medicine Coach with Wellcoaches. What a privilege it is to carry this wonderful toolbox to the consulting conversation and use these to motivate change in clients that is life-giving and sustainable.

Company: Complexity Coaching