Kerri Harvey 2


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Kerri Harvey 2

Kerri Harvey

Professional Studies in Wellness coaching - Wellness Coaching Australia. Weight Loss Practitioner Diploma -Medical Register of Australia. Metabolic Effect Nutrition Consultant Level 3. Metabolic Effect Institute for hormonal metabolism, exercise and fitness. Cert. 4 in Fitness - Personal Trainer. Cert. Nutrition communication for Health Professionals - Key Concepts - University of Newcastle
Certifying Program

Kerri has over 16 years experience working in Health and Fitness and has been pivotal in transforming countless lives.

She has a likable character with unique qualities, giving her the ability to motivate, inspire and support her clients in a non-judgmental environment. Kerri’s key to success is her methodical process of collaborating with clients to achieve results.

By Creating realistic expectations, leveraging individual strengths and tailoring health/fitness goals she is able to create sustainable results that are tangible and motivating.

She has an in-depth understanding of metabolic physiology and behavioural psychology.

Kerri is highly motivated with a deep passion for ongoing study within the health and fitness industry. Her priority is staying up to date with the latest scientifically proven techniques, enabling her to approach individual needs from an objective and educated viewpoint.

Kerri’s mission is to collaborate with clients to create deep positive transformation in their lives.