Kristin Nielson

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Level One Certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher.
Certifying Program

I am an Australian currently living in Switzerland. I work with clients online around the world. I am also currently furthering my education with the School of Applied Functional Medicine.

My learning has come through my professional training, supporting clients and my experience in helping my daughter to recover from chronic illness and my own healing from a lifetime of “busyness”, disconnection from myself, and own lack of self care.

We have been gifted these amazing vehicles that carry us around and yet so many of us live in such a small part of them…our head and we are not present to the rest of our bodies. My calling is to help people wake up to their bodies, to get present to how they are caring for themselves and help guide them towards complete nourishment.

Get in touch to book a free 30 min Discovery call.

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