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Kylie Stowe

Diploma in Health Science, Diploma in Naturopathy, Accredited & Registered Sports Nutritionist (SNA) , Accredited Holistic & Performance Health Coach, Certificate in Mental Health & Mind-body Medicine, Certificate in Psychology, behaviour change & Wellbeing Management, Accredited Ovio Mindfulness Facilitator (Children & Adults) , Accredited Meditation Teacher
Certifying Program

Hi I’m Kylie, I became a Nutritionist & Health Coach after my own health struggles with autoimmune disease over 10 years ago, I completely transformed my health through nutrition, health habits and a 40 kilo weight loss. I understand how hard it can be to not only make changes but also sustain that change long term. I have learnt the science behind it all so you don’t have to! As your Nutritionist & Health Coach I empower you to achieve optimal health and find balance in your life. Through mindful collaboration, compassion, evidence based nutrition and sustainable behaviour change. I provide the support and tools required to help you thrive long term.

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