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Melissa Colley

Professional Certificate in Health & Wellness Coaching | Advanced Certificate in Nutrition & Health, Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaching | Certified Intuitive Massage Practitioner | Bachelor of Design (Hons)
Certifying Program

I help women struggling with hormone imbalances, perimenopause and menopause symptoms to lose weight, increase energy, reduce anxiety, banish brain fog and regain their confidence. My comprehensive wellness approach is centred around the mind-body connection. By using nutrition, mindset and movement combined with meditation, breathwork and massage you can achieve a complete whole-body reset and implement changes that result in long-term wellness. YOU CAN FEEL AMAZING • Lose that stubborn weight – And fit into your favourite clothes • Rebalance your hormones – Make symptoms like hot flushes a thing of the past • Lift anxiety, depression and mood swings – Find happiness and joy again • Reduce stress and overwhelm – Manage your day with a sense of calm • Get restorative sleep – Roll out of bed in the morning with zest • Increase your energy – Actually feel like doing the activities you enjoy I would love to be part of your wellness journey, let’s connect.

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