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Melissa Ensink

Master of Human Nutrition, Master of Public Health, Bachelor of Physical Activity, Certified Coach Professional, Certified Health and Wellness Coach
Certifying Program

I am a Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing Coach for people who want to step into the next level version of themselves and live a life that truly lights them up in every way. I support my clients to elevate their wellbeing by getting clarity on their vision of a well and thriving life, create intentional goals and actions, and move through resistance, and overcome blocks and barriers, so they can realise their dreams while building grounded confidence and self-belief. I am a Certified Coach Professional, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and university-qualified Nutritionist. I have been coaching people through transformational change for a number of years, and have several university qualifications in the health, nutrition and wellbeing space. I also support early-stage health and wellness coaches to create a thriving business and lifestyle to match.

Company: Melissa Ensink Coach + Mentor