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Melissa Langfield

Master of Public Health degree (special focus on Nutrition)from Deakin University; ADAPT-certified Functional Health Coach
Certifying Program

My name is Melissa Langfield and I am a certified Functional Health Coach with a Master of Public Health degree (special focus on Nutrition).

As an avowed “foodie” with an undergraduate degree in Philosophy I can literally spend entire days pondering the many ways in which “we are what we eat”. For me, Health Coaching is about supporting clients towards clarity of purpose and self-actualisation when they already know what they need to do to be healthier but are coming up against how truly challenging it can be to change deeply ingrained (and sometimes not even fully understood) habits and behaviours.

Being a middle-aged single mum of two spectacular teenagers, I also understand the importance of investing our time and selves in those life-affirming connections with our family and friends, and the conscious effort it takes to maintain the balance of the fundamental pillars of health – nutrient-dense food, movement (particularly outside), quality sleep, and stress-management. Partnering with a Health Coach once a fortnight provides a supportive, compassionate collaboration as you connect the dots from where you are in your ‘health-span’ to where you want to be. 

My Health Coaching incorporates motivational interviewing, positive psychology and the transtheoretical model of change, all in the guise of curious and non-judgemental conversation to assist you in developing your own self-experiments, goals and timelines to leverage your own strengths for an empowering health transformation. 


Company: Blue Beryl Holistic Health Coaching