Octavia Chabrier

Prof Cert Health and Wellness Coaching, Dip Rem Massage, Dip Bowen Therapy, Dip Community Services - Disabilty and Aged Care, Post Grad Wellness & Lifestyle (RMIT), Certificate of Yoga Nidra.
Certifying Program

I’m passionate about supporting people to reconnect to their best vision of Wellness, in a way that ecologically integrates all aspects of Mind, Body and Spirit for them. And I believe it needs to be made simple because that’s what we are all craving in this world we have made very complex. I am a qualified Wellness Coach that leans towards the premise of keeping it simple. I will at times use Integrative Therapeutic approaches through Bowen therapy (Mind-Body Bowen), Reiki and Yoga Nidra, to support the Whole Self.  I am motivated by the desire to create space for people to reconnect and recalibrate to their deepest ability and therefore feeling the best they can. Having worked with thousands of people over a twenty-year span I know first hand how the smallest acts of compassionate change and coaching can make fundamental changes not only for my client but for all those around him or her. I love seeing how people, grow when supported with their needs, giving them space to deeply explore their options in well-being

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