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Rachel Agnew

PreKure Certified Health Coach, Certified Women's Hormone Health Practitioner, Dip Health Science, BAppSci (Dist)
Certifying Program

I am passionate about women’s health and empowering women with evidence-based knowledge to take control of their health outcomes by using nutrition and lifestyle to balance hormones and heal body dysfunction. Every woman has unique nutritional, physical and emotional requirements. I help women discover what their individual requirements are and apply the right tools and strategies for their body. I help women understand their body’s changing requirements through all life stages. I am passionate about helping women understand their hormones and normalising conversations around peri and post-menopause and all hormonal health topics, including bio-identical hormone therapy. I believe in an integrated approach to optimising health, focusing on nutrition, lifestyle, stress and using functional testing and supplementation where necessary to help identify the root cause of health concerns.

Company: Rachel Agnew Nutrition & Hormone Health