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Romy Bursztyn

IIN Certified Health Coach, Registered Nutritionist & Body Image Coach, Health Coach Mastery,
Certifying Program

Romy is a Melbourne based Registered Integrative Nutritionist, Accredited Health & Wellness Coach, Body Image Coach, and Corporate Wellness Presenter with more than 22 years of experience working in the nutrition and health industry.

As a nutrition and wellness practitioner, Romy has a combined skill set in human nutrition, behaviour, motivation and health. Romy utilises evidence-based practices of nutrition and health education, psycho-education and health promotion, to enhance the wellbeing of individuals.

Romy supports clients through sustainable dietary and wellness strategies, including a range of preventative and restorative measures, allowing for an empowering and transforming journey to optimal health.

Through a personalised and integrative approach that fits each individuals’ unique life circumstances, Romy works collaboratively with other medical and health practitioners’ to not only help action the patients care/treatment plan, but also provide patients with an enhanced health care experience, by educating and empowering them with skills and knowledge to understand how to become their healthiest self.

Romy can guide patients to make well defined, measurable dietary and lifestyle goals; keeping them on track and holding them accountable for making forward progress, achieving lasting results towards optimal wellbeing.

Romy has a strong interest in working with peri/menopausal women and clients who struggle with a challenged relationship with their body and food.

Location: Armadale VIC and Hawthorn VIC and via online Telehealth