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Sadie Goddard-Wrighton

Professional Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching / BA (Hons) Media Studies
Certifying Program

Sadie is a certified Health and Wellness Coach with over 20+ years of experience in the local government and community wellbeing sector. Her passion for human connectedness, self-preservation, and her knowledge and skills are shared with her clients in an individualised and centred way. Sadie provides coaching to individuals and groups, as well as speaking opportunities at various events. Sadie has lived through her own health adversity and uses her experience to support and guide people, especially busy women, in lowering stress levels and increasing gentle exercise and relaxation. Sadie develops interactive workshops based on the content of her self-published book, which focuses on positive psychology, wellbeing, resilience, social connectedness, and healthy habits. In addition to being a Mental Health First Aider, Sadie has completed a variety of training related to wellbeing, resilience, and chronic disease management. Sadie has a BA (Hons) Media Studies degree and top strengths such as creativity, perspective, and hope. Sadie’s wellness coaching approach is focused on meeting clients where they are and helping them establish healthy habits and a vision for the future.




Company: Serenity and Sunflowers