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Simon Pitcher

Professional Certificate in Health & Wellness Coaching (WCA), Certified Wellness Wise Practitioner -Wellness Designs, Master of Management (Human Resources), Vice President - National Wellness Institute of Australia (NWIA), Cert IV Occupational Health and Safety, Mental Health First Aider (MHFA), Fellow of the National Heart Foundation of Australia
Certifying Program

As a Health & Wellness Coach, my aim is to assist men in midlife to make positive and lasting changes to the areas of their health and/or wellness which are important to them, therefore, I hope to enable you to achieve your vision of your ‘Best You’ and have the skills, tools and self-knowledge to be able to maintain your optimum health and wellness for the rest of your life. I specialise in Men’s Health and Wellness in midlife and can help men to better cope with physical and or mental health and/or wellness challenges. I will not ‘tell’ you what’s best for you, lecture you on what you are doing wrong or make judgements in any way. Instead, I will listen to ‘you’, as you are the expert on your life, help you to clarify your thoughts, challenges, values, strengths, supports, and future ultimate vision and set you on your journey to your ‘Best You’.

Company: Best You Coaching