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Stacey Podmore

PreKure Certified Health Coach, Registered Nurse Div 1, Post Graduate Diploma in Health Promotion
Certifying Program

Stacey is a strong believer that lifestyle medicine is the key to optimal health. As a registered nurse, including 19 years’ experience as a Health Promotion Practitioner, Stacey developed many evidence-based behavioural change programs with proven results, and spent several years educating school and community groups on the importance of healthy lifestyles. These evidence based approaches demonstrated that even the smallest lifestyle changes can provide positive impacts to one’s life. Through Stacey’s own health journey, which started at age 15 with an array of chronic health concerns, she became an advocate for her own health by researching and educating on the benefits of lifestyle medicine to ensure her best health outcomes. Stacey is a mother of six, and leads a busy and active life where lifestyle changes have enabled her to reduce symptoms and flare ups. Her vast experience along with her personal health journey ensures a holistic approach to championing for client’s health and wellbeing goals. Using her pillars of health, Stacey has a passion in partnering with busy women to assist with prioritising their health, as well working in the area of preventing and/or managing chronic illness.