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Tessa Wood

Certified Cancer Coach - Cancer Wellness Institute (CWI). Adv. Cert Nutrition & Health Coaching (Well College Global; Prekure). Cert. Massage and Sports Therapist (ITEC). BtchLn (ECE).
Certifying Program

My name is Tess and my passion is working with my clients to find clarity and purpose as they navigate their health and wellbeing path.

It was through my own ‘dis-ease’ that I started to look more closely at what wellness really meant. I had an interesting journey through a diagnosis of cancer and felt ill equipped after treatment to make informed choices around where to next. I found that there was a minefield of information and to be able to decipher and make sense of it all I really needed to dive deeper and look more closely at research and what actually constitutes ‘health and wellness’. I find myself many years later thriving and in full control of the choices I now make and feeling privileged to walk alongside others. Hop over onto my website for more information.