Umesh K


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Umesh K

Umesh Kotwal

Professional Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching, Wellness Coaching Australia
Certifying Program

I have been through a panic attack and anxiety, which makes people having various mental health issues, connect with me very easily. It is well established that almost more than 95 per cent physical ailments are psycho-somatic which means they occur in the mind first before they manifest in the body. I also have Mental Aid First Aider Certificate, an accreditation given by Mental Health First Aid Australia which helps me to help people with various mental health issues. I also have had heart artery blockages. Heart disease is currently known as the biggest killer in the world, no matter where you live. I consider it as a service to a humanitarian cause and wish to use this platform to share the knowledge of the 3D course with one and all. Together we can improve the quality of life in today’s challenging and ever-changing environment. Let us walk together.

Company: Health N Wellness Mentor