HWC Program Review

Program Review Process


HCANZA as a committed industry association dedicated to the advancement of health coaching, continuously strives to ensure that the training programs we endorse remain up-to-date, relevant, and effective. In pursuit of this goal your program is being reassessed and reviewed.

In June 2023 HCANZA also updated its minimum assessment criteria in several areas for new and previously approved programs.  these updated criteria can be found in the HCANZA Health & Wellness Coaching Program Approval Overview on p17.

Every three years, we assess our endorsed programs to guarantee they align with the latest industry standards, research, and best practices. This periodic review is essential to maintain the high quality of health coaching education and to ensure that your program continues to meet the evolving needs of students and the healthcare community.

We invite all program providers to commence and engage with this review process, through an application to present evidence of how your program has adapted to the changing landscape of health coaching and any improvements made since its initial approval. Your application should clearly highlight any curriculum updates, enhancements, or new resources you have incorporated to enhance the learning experience of your students

This review process is an opportunity to demonstrate your program’s commitment to excellence and your dedication to producing well-equipped health coaches. Approved programs will continue to enjoy the benefits of our association’s endorsement, including increased visibility and credibility in the health coaching field.