Rebecca Taylor

My name is Bec, I suffered compassion fatigue and burnout firsthand while working as a Vet nurse. After around 13.5 years in the industry and I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. So that brings us here today, I am now a Certified Health and Wellness Coach, forming programs around mental Health in the Animal Industry.

Chrissie Williams

I am a passionate and experienced Registered Nurse with extensive experience specialising in emergency and intensive care nursing. After relocating from England to Australia I found myself drawn towards prevention rather than cure and diversified my focus and skill set to assist patients/clients to achieve positive health and lifestyle outcomes through cognitive and behaviour change. […]

Debra Carnes

I’m a Health and Wellness Coach with a background in nursing, health policy and higher education who is passionate about safety culture, its impact and the importance of self-care in the work environment especially for those who work in health care and other essential services in Australia. If you are someone who works in an […]