Scope of Practice


  1. Health & Wellness Coaches work with individuals and groups in a person-centred process to facilitate and empower the patient or client to develop and achieve self-determined goals related to health and wellness.
  2. Health & Wellness Coaches support patients and clients in mobilizing internal strengths and external resources, and in developing self-management strategies for making sustainable, healthy lifestyle, behaviour changes.
  3. Health & Wellness Coaches per se do not diagnose conditions, prescribe treatments, or provide psychological therapeutic interventions.
  4. They may provide expert guidance in areas in which they additionally hold active, nationally recognized credentials, and may offer resources from nationally recognized authorities regarding healthy lifestyle recommendations.
  5. As partners and facilitators, Health & Wellness Coaches support patients or clients in achieving their health and wellness goals through science-based behaviour change models. Health & Wellness Coaches assist clients to use their insight, personal strengths and resources, goal setting, action steps and accountability toward healthy lifestyle change.
  6. These goals are based on the patient or clients’ own goals and are consistent with treatment plans as prescribed by their Primary Care Physician and or Allied Health Professional.

Adapted from international standards and scopes of practices