Why become a Member?

There is a rapid expansion of public and professional awareness of the benefits of health and wellness coaching in Australia, New Zealand and internationally. 

Research supports the view that many of the global challenges faced in the Primary Care of chronic disease management are lifestyle related and Health & Wellness Coaches are ideally placed to become part of the solution in a collaborative patient-centred model.  Equally, corporate health and wellness programs are responding to the increasing need for employers to provide health and wellness coaching within the workplace environment.

Health and wellness coaching in Australia and New Zealand, at the moment, is broadly unregulated by governments or the industry itself.  Professional and consumer demand for transparent credentialing in the health and wellness coaching environment requires a collaborative industry response. 

HCANZA as a membership organisation supported by key stakeholders, such as professional medical groups, is driving the industry focus on building and setting a credible self-regulatory framework and standard that will allow health and wellness coaching to continue to flourish.


We are committed to recognising and upholding fundamental elements for a credible industry standard that consists of:

  • science-based core competencies and curriculum that is well-defined and ethical,
  • appropriately trained and skilled faculty teaching those programs,
  • graduate certification credentials that signify professional standing,
  • accountability through the commitment to professional Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics,
  • external verification of the quality of specific programs.

As a member of  HCANZA, your skill levels are easily identified. Membership lends credibility to you, the practitioner – clearly indicating to Primary Care Physicians, Allied Health Professionals and professional Corporate Health & Wellness program providers that you are a trained professional and have met these best-practice standards. 

Your reputation as a qualified professional deserves to be recognised.