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In October 2019 the Co-founders of HCANZA laid the foundations to create a Health & Wellness Coach Association managed by Coaches, for Coaches. HCANZA is committed to the fundamentals of professionalism and unity in this burgeoning industry.

This includes being committed to a platform for collaboration across the many stakeholder groups involved in providing quality and equity to the modern healthcare paradigm, using science-based positive psychology methodology and lifestyle medicine foundations.

We take the responsibility of collaborating and supporting student health and wellness coaches as an important part of our stakeholder program. We work with program developers and providers to ensure quality programs are available for students investing in their future as health and wellness coaches.

There are many health and wellness coaching courses in the marketplace.  However, not all courses meet the internationally recognised standards for science-based content, core competencies,  supervised practice and verification of standards that are foundational standards for HCANZA membership.

To help you choose a Health & Wellness Coaching program that is right for you, we have listed seven tips for choosing a health and wellness coaching course  that will guide you in your deliberations for a course that is right for you.

Prospective employers in the corporate and digital health space do look for health and wellness coaches that have been trained to the highest standards.  An HCANZA membership as an Accredited Coach is increasingly recognised as meeting that standard.

Follow this link to explore the many Approved Program Providers and courses to set you on the right path. 

The approved programs list on our website can be found here.

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Disclaimer: HCANZA does not receive any commission or affiliation fee in connection with your decision to purchase a program listed on the Approved Program list.