Supporting our Mission

Memorandums of Understanding

As collaboration and unity are embedded in our Values, Health Coaches Australia & New Zealand will enter into Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with like-minded organisations that are:

  • aligned with our Vision, Mission and Values
  • share common goals of increasing the professional standing of Health & Wellness Coaches in Australia and New Zealand
  • actively collaborate and contribute to the advancement of our Mission

Each MOU we enter into will be grounded in, and focused on, delivering important elements of our programs for HCANZA Health & Wellness Members and the broader HCANZA industry agenda. Our affiliate agreements and MOUs are based on principles of good governance and are reviewed on an annual basis. They are not entered into lightly.

As of March 2020, we have entered into an MOU with the Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) a provider of high-quality educational programs in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. We also have an MOU with the Australasian College of Integrative Medicine (AIMA) who are the peak industry Association for Integrative Medicine GP’s in Australia and New Zealand.

Broadly speaking these MOUs are an agreement with HCANZA to collaborate on Health & Wellness Coaching research, support for a clinical, patient-centred model that includes health & wellness coaching, recognition of credentials of HCANZA Health & Wellness Coaches, provision of continuing education opportunities for HCANZA Members, and broader stakeholder engagement in communities as diverse as governments, consumer and patient advocates etc.

The Future

At present we are in discussions with several other organisations across many fields, including other international Health & Wellness Coaches Associations, who we believe bring strength to our endeavours. These organisations are nationally and internationally located. We will be excited to introduce you to them in the near future.

The Board of HCANZA openly invites discussion and collaboration with other Organisations that share our Vision of Co-Creating Universal Health & Wellness.

Initial enquiries can be made at