Professional Insurances

HCANZA Insurance Requirements

It is a requirement of Health Coaches Australia & New Zealand Association that you are appropriately insured for your professional risk at the time of joining.

This includes but is not limited to Professional Indemnity Insurance of at least $1,000,000.  It is prudent to also have Public Liability as part of your insurance policy. The extent of this cover is determined by your own individual working arrangements.

We received many requests from Professional Members and potential members, for recommendations regarding Professional Insurances.

HCANZA have arranged through a broking firm Barrack Broking, a streamlined opportunity for you to make an application for an appropriate professional insurance policy.

An overview of the insurance offer can be found by following this link. HCANZA Member Insurance Information

It is important to note that this opportunity and standard policy only applies to Health & Wellness Coaches who:

  • agree to become a member of HCANZA (agree to work within the Scope of Practice and abide by the Code of Conduct)
  • do not need insurance cover for other types of co qualifications such as Nutritionist, Naturopath etc, or are engaged in the sale of supplements.

It is the sole responsibility of each individual making an application to Barrack Broking to:

  • read the Product Disclosure Statement and any other statutory documents that will be sent to them,
  • carry out their own market research and due diligence on appropriate cover and pricing,
  • carefully read and submit the application form to Barrack Broking, and
  • make an independent final decision to purchase the policy

Should you decide to take advantage of this offer please send the completed application form to

Are You Already Insured?

If you already have an insurance policy that covers all of your specific circumstances (including Health & Wellness Coaching), please upload a copy of your insurance certificate as part of your Membership Application.

Disclosure:  HCANZA in no way receives any benefit, whatsoever, from you purchasing this policy.  There are no commissions, financial or affiliate arrangements between HCANZA and Barrack Broking, or, the insurance policy provider ProRisk.