CPD Program Approval Guideline

HCANZA Continuous Professional Development

Program Approval Guideline

Underlying the HCANZA philosophy and promotion of continuing professional development for our Accredited Coaches is the belief that high quality CPD programs support HW coaches to remain current and competitive in their field, enhance their skills and knowledge, and improve their career prospects. We want to foster a culture of continuous learning to improve the overall performance and productivity of HCANZA members.

Some of the benefits of being an HCANZA CPD Approved Program (A-CPD) include:

  1. Credibility: Organizations that attain approved CPD program status are seen as credible and trustworthy to coaches and within the broader marketplace, facilitating cooperative relationships with Health Professionals.
  2. Enhanced visibility: Approved CPD programs are listed on the HCANZA website and course directory, which increases your visibility and has the potential to attract more participants.
  3. Increased participation: HCANZA Accredited Coaches are more likely to participate in CPD programs that are approved as an HCANZA,  A-CPD program as these programs are allocated a greater number of CPD points than non-accredited programs.
  4. Professional standards compliance: HCANZA requires Accredited Coaches to complete a minimum of 20 hours of relevant professional training each year to maintain their professional status. By offering an approved CPD program, you are assisting Accredited Coaches meet these requirements.
  5. Improved quality: Approved CPD programs are recognised as meeting higher standards in terms of content, delivery, and evaluation.
  6. Competitive advantage: Offering an approved CPD program can give your organisation a competitive advantage over others in the industry that do not have the designation HCANZA, A-CPD.

We invite you to download the full guideline that will detail the approval process and answer all your questions.

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Download Full Guideline

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