Our Policies

HCANZA Codes of Conduct

HCANZA is committed to maintaining and promoting excellence in health & wellness coaching at all levels.  These Codes of Conduct apply at individual and organisational levels. We require our Approved Program Providers, Accredited Health Coaches, and Associate members to comply and commit to these codes. We extend the same standards to our health and wellness coaching communities and related parties to acknowledge and demonstrate their commitment to the tenets of ethical conduct as set out in these Codes of Conduct.

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HCANZA Scope of Practice

Health & Wellness Coaches work with individuals and groups in a person-centred process to facilitate and empower the patient or client to develop and achieve self- determined goals related to health and wellness.

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HCANZA Indigenous & Maori Communities Policy

HCANZA is committed to promoting the representation of Indigenous and Māori peoples at all levels of healthcare organisations, and to creating an environment that is culturally safe and respectful. We understand the importance of cultural recognition, diversity, and belonging in addressing the needs of undeserved health communities.

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Complaints Policies & Procedures

HCANZA members at every level are bound by behaviour standards enshrined in the HCANZA Code of Conduct and Scope of Practice that ensures a commitment to the highest levels of ethical healthcare behaviour.

HCANZA Approved Program Provider are also committed to the high standards specific to their role as guardians and educators of the Health Coaching profession through the HCANZA Code of Conduct for Approved Program Providers

Accordingly we have appropriate complaints policies and procedures that are differentiated according to your relational standing to the person/organisation you wish to make a complaint against.

If you are a client or patient of an HCANZA member please refer to the document ‘Client or Patients Complaints Policy’.

If you are a student, prospective student, an allied or medical health practitioner, or a member of the public, and wish to express concern about an HCANZA Approved Program Provider please refer to the Complaints Policy & Procedure about an HCANZA Approved Program Provider.

HCANZA takes it responsibility to ensure, uphold and protect the highest ethical standards within the profession.

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