HWC Program Approval Process

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Program Approval Process

Health Coaches Australia & New Zealand Association is delighted that you are committed to standing out in the health coach marketplace, by undergoing assessment and
approval of the content of your health coach training program.  Attaining HCANZA  Approved Program (HCANZA-APP) status is held in high regard and is an important signal to
government health organisations, business health markets, consumer health organisations, Doctors’ associations, and prospective students that your program is recognised as meeting the highest standards.
Some of the benefits of attaining Approved Program Provider status include:
  1. Credibility: Organizations that attain HCANZA APP status are seen as credible and trustworthy to prospective coaches and within the broader marketplace, facilitating cooperative relationships with Health Professionals.
  2. Enhanced visibility: Approved programs are listed on the HCANZA website and course directory, which increases your visibility and has the potential to attract more participants.
  3. Increased participation: Prospective HCANZA Coaches are more likely to participate in your HWC programs as HCANZA AC (Accredited Coaches) are recognised for employment purposes with a wide range of health coach employers and digital platforms.
  4. Improved quality: Approved Program Providers are recognised as meeting higher standards in terms of content, delivery, and evaluation and therefore a better value proposition.
  5. Competitive advantage: Attaining HCANZA APP status can give your organisation a competitive advantage over others in the industry that do not have the designation.

We invite you to download the HWC Overview and full Guideline that will give you all the details in this approval process and answer all your questions.

Download HWC Program Approval Guideline

Downlaod HWC Program Approval Guideline

Download HWC Program Approval Overview

Download HWC Program Approval Overview

Download Approved Program Provider Terms & Conditions

Download Terms & Conditions

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