Emma Saad

As an accredited holistic health and wellness coach, I work at the intersection of personal wellbeing and work and purpose. My work bridges health coaching with executive mentoring to invite reflection on the interconnection between health and career performance, personal satisfaction and self-worth. I am passionate about combatting burnout and supporting emerging leaders to cultivate […]

Lynda Rose

Lynda has a passion to support women who have a desire to live a healthy lifestyle. She encourages a focus on body composition rather than body weight. She provides women with a vision for how their future can be. Lynda has lived through a cancer diagnosis as well as prediabetes and has personal insight into […]

Jenny Black

Hi, I’m Jenny. I’m a certified health coach with an interest in women in midlife and Lifestyle Medicine. I have a bachelor’s degree in health science specialising in nutrition and exercise and I’m currently studying a masters in Lifestyle Medicine. I am passionate about holistic health and keeping up to date in this progressive field. […]

Kristen Riley

Dr Kristen is a lifestyle, health and transformative coach, with background as a General Practitioner, Board Certified and Fellowed Lifestyle Medicine physician, Sports medicine doctor and GP psychological therapist. Kristen discovered the transformative power of coaching, through personal and professional experiences, and a desire to more effectively empower her patients to make the sustainable changes […]

Jenny Shearer

As a personalised Nurse Health Coach, I have passion for holistic health and an interest in Lifestyle Medicine. I specialise in providing personalised coaching to help you achieve sustainable change. My approach combines empathy, behaviour change techniques and evidence-based practice. Together we can work out what is stopping you from achieving your goals and work […]

Mary Rummery

I am a social worker of 30 plus years experience currently working in mental health and wellbeing coaching and counselling roles. I have recently completed a Coaching Mastery certificate to add to my qualifications.

Megan Cleary

Some parts of being healthy came naturally to me. I was that weird kid who came home from school and was happy to chow down on raw cauliflower and broccoli. I remember in my late 20’s, after one too many carrot juices, my skin turning a soft hue of orange. I’m drawn to healthy food. […]

Jennifer Irvine

Registered nurse, recently qualified as a diabetes educator and health coach.

Clea Alexander

Hello – my name is Clea. I have been working as a GP since 2010, and over the years I have developed a particular interest in preventative health, mental health and wellbeing, and the use of lifestyle interventions as a foundation to prevent and help manage chronic disease. This has led to further training in both mental […]

Isaac Werrett

A NSW AHPRA registered Paramedic who works at a preventative health and health assessment clinic.