Antoinette Barnardo

I help busy individuals with a whole person approach and powerful coaching techniques to get to the heart of health challenges. Combined with functional diagnostic tests, I help you identify the impact of your hidden stressors, while we upgrade your nutrition, movement, energy, rest, sleep, psychological and lifestyle habits.

Vanessa Ivory

I coach people, well. I teach my clients how to take control of their health. Using research-backed diet, lifestyle, and change strategies, I support clients to alter their habits around diet, energy, sleep, exercise and stress to achieve balance. I draw on my first-hand experience recovering from a life-changing accident, and a life lived as […]

Melissa Langfield

My name is Melissa Langfield and I am a certified Functional Health Coach planning to complete a Master of Public Health degree (special focus on Nutrition) in 2023.  As an avowed “foodie” with an undergraduate degree in Philosophy I can literally spend entire days pondering the many ways in which “we are what we eat”. […]

Anne-Marie Raymond

I am passionate about helping people with chronic illnesses reclaim their quality of life. Clients partner with me to create and implement their own customised lifestyle plans with a focus on effective self-management, symptom reduction and better health outcomes. I have a particular interest in supporting those with Axial Spondyloarthritis/Ankylosing Spondylitis.  

Emma Judges

I help clients find value and a return on their investment by pursuing their ideal health and lifestyle habits. Increase energy, improve sleep and bolster cognitive function.    

Annette Ford

Annette Ford is an ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach, from Activating Wellness.  Her son suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome (myalgic encephalomyelitis) for six years. Annette’s experience as a carer and witness to her son’s illness and recovery gives her a special insight into this crippling syndrome. His journey back to robust good health taught her […]