Sarah Fisher

Passionate about supporting people to overcome their health challenges through a process of self discovery that allows them to make lifestyle changes that will last and improve their health and wellbeing. This process involves creating a vision, setting goals and experimenting to adjust and make the right changes for the individual. There is no telling […]

Jodie Healy

Jodie is a passionate wellbeing advocate specializing in health and wellness coaching, yoga, meditation and sound healing. Through her own wellness journey Jodie has learnt the value of having a trusted health team on side and approaching wellness from a holistic perspective.

Monique van Tulder

Mid-Life Magic. Well-being Coach. Monique van Tulder is passionate about empowering women to find it, for themselves. Mentoring well-being, confidence, personal branding, and possibilities – writing the blueprint to design mid-life magic. With over 20 years in travel management, travel + style writing, and 12 years as a nutritionist/movement trainer, Monique has delivered results for […]

Shelley Horlor

With a background as a dedicated Registered Nurse, I’ve garnered 18 years of experience at the forefront of patient care and education. My commitment to nurturing health and providing holistic support led me to expand my expertise into lifestyle, nutritional and environmental medicine, health coaching and behavioural change. I’m also in my last year of […]

Tony Moran

Introducing Tony Moran, a transformational health coach whose passion lies in enhancing the health, happiness, and sense of purpose in others. As a coach, he utilizes over three decades of experience in diverse techniques, including Meditation, Vedic Philosophy, Tai Chi, Pranayama (breathwork), and other transformative methodologies. In the realm of health, Tony is a certified […]

Isaac Werrett

A NSW AHPRA registered Paramedic who works at a preventative health and health assessment clinic.

Timothy Perry

I am a Consultant Pharmacist, a Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and a Fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. I help individuals explore, understand and utilise evidence-based strategies to optimise their own health and well-being.

Annerie Feldman

Annerie Feldman, Accredited Health and Wellness Coach|Sydney helps you unlock your wellness potential by creating the body image that exudes confidence! EMBRACE Body Confidence, EXUDE Radiance and ELEVATE Wellness. If you’re struggling with limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging thoughts, body image issues or could do with a confidence boost, then you are in the right place. Annerie’s […]

Dr Ron Ehrlich

I have 45 years of clinical experience; I have Fellowships in Nutritional & Environment (FACNEM) and Lifestyle Medicine (FASLM); Integrative Breathing Therapist; Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership (CIECL) Level    

Aimee Parkinson

I have spent more than 12 years in the education system as a school leader and educator, witnessed firsthand how wellbeing often takes a backseat when urgent matters arise. Drawing from these experiences, as well as my Masters of Educational Leadership and Health and Wellness Coaching Professional Certificate, I established Well-Nest. My mission is to […]