Linda Back

Linda is a qualified naturopath, nutritional medicine practitioner and health coach, with more than a decade’s experience in the natural health & wellness field. Her specialties include women’s health & hormones, gut issues and sustainable weight loss.

Jana Du Plessis

Hi, I’m Jana. I am a PreKure certified Health, Nutrition and Metabolic Coach. Traveling through life it became clear that so many of us stepped off the health road and don’t always know how to get out of the never ending loop of ailments; feeling that there is no light at the end of the […]

Emma Piggot

I’m a healthy living enthusiast and have spent 25 years in the health and wellness sales industry. I’ve combined this experience with expert training in health coaching and metabolic health from Prekure to help clients achieve their metabolic health, wellness and weight loss goals.

Rachel Mason-Thomas

Passionate about empowering women in their 40s and 50s to embrace the next phase of their lives with confidence and vitality, Rachel guides her clients through personalised lifestyle changes in nutrition, fitness, sleep, and social well-being, offering a structured yet flexible path to a healthier, more joyful life. Through tailored consultations and follow-up sessions, Rachel […]

Jofferson Ylarde

I am a certified Health Coach who focuses on lifestyle changes using the keto diet and carnivore diet. I am driven to help empower people achieve the lifestyle changes that will lead to achievement of health goals such as weight loss and beating food addiction.

Lynda Rose

Lynda has a passion to support women who have a desire to live a healthy lifestyle. She encourages a focus on body composition rather than body weight. She provides women with a vision for how their future can be. Lynda has lived through a cancer diagnosis as well as prediabetes and has personal insight into […]

Gina Grubbe

Hi, I’m Gina, Health Coach and mother to three energetic young boys. I grew up in the UK and USA and moved to South Africa at the age of 17. After getting married and having children we made the move over to New Zealand where we are now based. Going through pregnancy and having young […]

Winnie Wong

After 25 harmonious years in the legal field, I’ve decided to change my tune. I’ve taken a significant turn towards fostering health and wellness. What initially began as a journey to enhance my own well-being through studying health coaching has turned into a profound realization of its potential to help others. Certified by Prekure, I’ve […]

Jenny Black

Hi, I’m Jenny. I’m a certified health coach with an interest in women in midlife and Lifestyle Medicine. I have a bachelor’s degree in health science specialising in nutrition and exercise and I’m currently studying a masters in Lifestyle Medicine. I am passionate about holistic health and keeping up to date in this progressive field. […]