Terms and Conditions

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Membership Contract

You are purchasing a 12-months membership. For your convenience and to protect your membership from lapsing, your yearly membership will auto-renew in one year at the same annual rate. By submitting your application, you agree to be charged for a 12-months Membership Contract. You can cancel prior to your yearly renewal date by giving 30 days’ written notice.

Split subscription payments: The 12-months membership contract subscription fee has been split into equal payments for your convenience.

By making your first payment and submitting this form, you agree to be charged the amount stated for a minimum 12-month membership contract, after which you can cancel prior to your yearly renewal date by giving 30 days’ written notice.

Split subscription payments cannot be cancelled until the year’s commitment has been fulfilled OR you have paid off any dues for the current year.

If you decide to cancel your professional membership after one year, you agree to provide a minimum of 30 days written notice prior to the next renewal date of your membership

Cancellation of your membership may be made as an exception within 24 hours of your application, and only if you have not already been granted access to the membership area. Once you have been granted access or 24 hours has passed (whichever comes first), no cancellation or refund of your membership fee may be made.

Membership Applicants

If you are denied access to the membership area because your application is rejected, a 50% refund will be returned to you.  It is important to confirm whether your program is approved prior to applying to avoid such a situation. ​​Click here to view the list of approved programs.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of our business and the content within the member area, we are not able to provide a refund of any kind once you have been granted access to the member area.

Program Approval

You are purchasing the right to have your Health & Wellness Coaching Program assessed for the purposes of determining its content, structure and faculty credentials as meeting the HCANZA standards and core competencies to be designated an Approved Program.

By making this application and payment of the Program Approval fee you are acknowledging that this is a one-off payment that is not refundable.

As a consequence of completing the application and paying the fee, you acknowledge that full access will be given to a program assessor of all relevant materials with regard to your course content including student materials, videos and assessment materials.

HCANZA reserves the right to appoint a 3rd party assessor (in discussion with you) to undertake the assessment process.

HCANZA will ensure that any 3rd party assessor will be free of any Conflict of Interest in regard to your program.

Access will also be required to the final determination of any external third-party verification of educational standing and quality assurance.  Each trainer within the program will need to provide documented evidence of their qualifications supporting their technical knowledge and required practical industry experience.

Each application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and all rights are reserved by the Board in its final deliberations.

Download full terms and conditions (PDF).


Approved Program Provider

You are purchasing an Approved Program Provider Fee for the duration of either one year or two years.

By submitting your application, you agree to be charged the Approved Program Provider contract fee applicable as stated on our website.

You may cancel a contract with HCANZA as an Approved Program Provider, by giving 60 days’ written notice.

All inquiries and written notices should be sent to admin@hcanza.org

Refund Policy

We will consider all reasonable requests for a partial refund depending on the elapsed time since inception and the renewal date of the original contract.

Download full terms and conditions (PDF).