Josee Lebel

Josee is a registered Naturopath and Herbalist (NMHNZ). She is a Health & Lifestyle Coach and trained with the Holistic Performance Institute in New Zealand. Josee is also a certified Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher. Josee works in all areas of Health & Lifestyle – including Lifestyle Behaviour Change, implementation of strategies – for reducing stress, anxiety […]

Toni Pakula

As a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, Safe and Sound Protocol Practitioner and Trauma-Informed Mental Health Coach, I employ a client-centred philosophy at the heart of my practice. I find great satisfaction in working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and age groups, offering support to both families and individuals alike. My approach to health is […]

Pollyanna Prideaux

Hey, I’m Polly! A Holistic Health Coach and Clinical Nutrition student. I specialise in women’s health and lifestyle behaviour change, helping women regain their confidence, understand their motivations, and develop supportive habits to become their best selves.

Kylie Stowe

Hi I’m Kylie, I became a Nutritionist & Health Coach after my own health struggles with autoimmune disease over 10 years ago, I completely transformed my health through nutrition, health habits and a 40 kilo weight loss. I understand how hard it can be to not only make changes but also sustain that change long […]

Richard Ellis

A component of the health coaching Rich specialises in is burnout. Those who are looking to restore energy and vitality back into their life will find Rich’s skills a perfect match. Having suffered from fatigue himself, Rich has worked with many clients with burnout and understands the trials involved with looking after yourself and taking […]

Andrea Simonlehner

Andrea is passionate about looking at the root cause of your health concern. She is a Nutritionist and Health Coach who enjoys working with busy parents to empower them to find balance in their lives and getting their energy back using evidence-based wellbeing coaching, personalised nutrition and massage & reflexology to optimise their health and […]