Jana Du Plessis

Hi, I’m Jana. I am a PreKure certified Health, Nutrition and Metabolic Coach. Traveling through life it became clear that so many of us stepped off the health road and don’t always know how to get out of the never ending loop of ailments; feeling that there is no light at the end of the […]

Emma Piggot

I’m a healthy living enthusiast and have spent 25 years in the health and wellness sales industry. I’ve combined this experience with expert training in health coaching and metabolic health from Prekure to help clients achieve their metabolic health, wellness and weight loss goals.

Rachel Mason-Thomas

Passionate about empowering women in their 40s and 50s to embrace the next phase of their lives with confidence and vitality, Rachel guides her clients through personalised lifestyle changes in nutrition, fitness, sleep, and social well-being, offering a structured yet flexible path to a healthier, more joyful life. Through tailored consultations and follow-up sessions, Rachel […]

Colleen Bryant

Colleen is a certified Health Coach with Prekure and is motivated by personal events in her life that saw her shutting down a successful business as her husband received a cruel cancer diagnosis with only a year to live. They moved to a 3 acre block to organically grow their own orchard and vegetables outside […]

Megan Peacocke

Megan is passionate about lifestyle medicine and sustainable behaviour change. She loves walking alongside people to better understand their bodies and emotions and believes this leads to empowerment and sustainable long term health benefits. As a coach the lens being on wellness and the use of lifestyle levers to achieve results. With a background in […]

Sue-Jin Loo

I am a first-generation Malaysian Chinese immigrant, raised in New Zealand. I grew up embracing both cultures. This included a wholistic and energetic approach to living as my father taught Tai Chi and Chi Gong for over 30 years. This diversity also meant a curiosity for food and different lifestyles which led me to become […]

Paulette Crowley

I became a health coach after 30 years of being an award-winning health journalist. After the media landscape changed, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my career helping others to live well and take charge of managing their health. I have lived experience of depression, anxiety, addiction and ADHD. I got sober […]

Kirsty McQueen

In a career spanning 25 years managing general practice clinics, Kirsty witnessed first-hand, the level of chronic disease that is affecting a substantial proportion of the general population and, most alarmingly, at an increasingly younger age. She embarked on her own personal journey in 2016 after experiencing her own health issues. This led her to […]

Winnie Wong

After 25 harmonious years in the legal field, I’ve decided to change my tune. I’ve taken a significant turn towards fostering health and wellness. What initially began as a journey to enhance my own well-being through studying health coaching has turned into a profound realization of its potential to help others. Certified by Prekure, I’ve […]

Belinda Urquhart

Burnout can affect anyone. And unfortunately, it does. As a health profession with first-hand experience of a significant burnout it seemed natural that through my journey back to wellbeing, Health Coaching was the direction to take. I support busy professional women to understand their stress, manage it effectively and avoid burnout. Whether you are already […]