Chloe Piggford

Chloe combines a Master Primal Health Coach certification, a Master Degree in Environmental Management & Sustainability and a passion for health and quality of life. Chloe established Valley Health Coaching Pty Ltd in 2020 to help others improve metabolic function and body composition. Her focus areas include stress, immunity, inflammation, energy and fatigue. Chloe’s approach […]

Wendy Clarke

I’m Wendy Clarke, a certified Master Primal Health Coach with a passion for ancestral living and how it relates to brain health.  I support and help women struggling with brain fog, fatigue, lack of focus, forgetfulness, and other brain related issues, that are impacting their enjoyment of life. It is my mission to listen, support, […]

Denise Ellis

I am here to help you rediscover your energy and vitality – to get back your mojo. I believe that optimal health is achievable for us all, and the great thing is that improved health comes along with some amazing side benefits like great sleep, good skin, abundant energy and the ability to maintain a […]