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Chloe Piggford

Master Primal Health Coach. Master Degree in Environmental Management & Sustainability. Bachelor Degree in Environmental Engineering.
Certifying Program

Chloe combines a Master Primal Health Coach certification, a Master Degree in Environmental Management & Sustainability and a passion for health and quality of life. Chloe established Valley Health Coaching Pty Ltd in 2020 to help others improve metabolic function and body composition. Her focus areas include stress, immunity, inflammation, energy and fatigue. Chloe’s approach to health and wellness is a sustainable lifestyle based on ancestral principles and scientific research. The primal lifestyle is unpinned by human evolution and physiology. It focuses on the optimal diet, movement, environment and social interactions for humans. Taking small steps toward living primally can make huge changes in your quality of life. It can help make space for what matters most to you in life.


Company: Valley Health Coaching