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Aimee Parkinson

Professional Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching
Certifying Program

I have spent more than 12 years in the education system as a school leader and educator, witnessed firsthand how wellbeing often takes a backseat when urgent matters arise. Drawing from these experiences, as well as my Masters of Educational Leadership and Health and Wellness Coaching Professional Certificate, I established Well-Nest. My mission is to place wellbeing at the core of schools’ identity and activities. I aim to assist schools struggling to prioritise staff wellbeing and unsure of where to begin. Well-Nest offers consulting and coaching services to support school leaders, teachers, and administrators. Our consulting services empower school leaders to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to foster a culture of wellbeing. Our coaching services assist individuals and teams in gradually recognising and addressing personal and professional challenges affecting wellbeing. Through personalised guidance, we provide strategic wellbeing growth maps, breaking the process into manageable, actionable steps that ensure progress towards restored wellness. Our evidence-based coaching and consulting services cater to individual educators and entire school organisations, regardless of size. As my beloved Nan would say, witnessing teachers, administrators and school leaders flourish in their personal and professional lives “warms the cockles of my heart.”

Company: The Well-Nest Collective Co