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Amy Gray

Certificate of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, CIP 2.0
Areas of Interest

Amy has learned two critical aspects of well being in her own personal journey, spanning more than eight years; how precious our nervous systems are and how powerful our immune systems are. She has experienced first-hand that both of these mind-body systems are integral to our well being and believes they can be better understood and taken care of with the help and understanding of a health coach. Drawing on her extensive knowledge through her own wellness journey and her training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Amy works with clients to guide them through nutritional and lifestyle changes to achieve their unique goals and desires. The combination of her professional approach and intuitive nature allows Amy to successfully support each client through their important journey of sustainable change. Her coaching work not only fulfils a passion, but it is also her way of contributing to a healthier community.

Company: Smiling Professionals