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Andy Hampson

Professional Certificate in Health & Wellness Coaching
Certifying Program

Andy Hampson is an accredited Health and Wellness Coach and Founder of The Inspire Network. Andy’s mission is to improve the lives of cancer patients by providing a holistic and caring approach so patients don’t just survive but thrive during and after their cancer journey. Andy gained invaluable experience in patient centred roles with the dedicated Supportive Care and Integrative Oncology team, and the Breast Surgical Unit at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, a leading Sydney cancer hospital. Andy’s skills, understanding and empathy shone through whilst engaging with patients shortly after diagnosis. These powerful moments left a lasting impression, and have inspired Andy to pursue her new career path of health and wellness coaching. Andy provides support, encouragement and kindness through dedication and genuine love for positive lifestyle changes, and has witnessed firsthand how her coaching abilities have rejuvenated and empowered cancer patients to discover their new “normal” and live healthier lives.



Company: The Inspire Network