Hampson, Andy - Photo 2023


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Hampson, Andy - Photo 2023

Andy Hampson

Professional Certificate in Health & Wellness Coaching
Areas of Interest


Andy has witnessed first hand how poor lifestyle behavioural choices and lack of self-care can have devastating outcomes). These powerful moments combined with a decade of working with cancer patients energised Andy to retrain as a health and wellness coach and create The Inspire Network.

Andy loves promoting healthy, positive, authentic living to help people feel confident and motivated to change their lifestyle behaviours by moving more, eating colourful nourishing food, sleeping better, relaxing more and reconnecting to community.

Her passion is empowering women to put their health first, embrace their age and feel good in their own skin as well as supporting cancer patients to rediscover their new “normal” to live better and thrive during and beyond their cancer journey.

Andy believes in the power of human connection and coaches with compassion, kindness, non-judgment and a sense of fun so that we can all have a better quality of life.


Company: The Inspire Network