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Annabella Bikesic

Bachelor of Health Science (nutrition), Professional Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching, Intuitive eating Counsellor, Registered Fitness Professional, Studio Pilates Instructor
Certifying Program

Hi, my name is Bella. After spending the majority of my life dieting, hating my body, and fighting my biology, I have now come to appreciate that people come in all different body shapes and sizes and that’s OK. After going on my own personal wellness journey, I aim to help and inspire other women with similar experiences. My mission is to support women in regaining their confidence and reconnecting with themselves through intuitive eating practices, mindful movement, body appreciation, a healthy mindset, and adopting meaningful healthy behaviours so that they can feel happy, healthy, confident, and strong. I do coaching sessions via zoom or phone calls. If you are interested in Pilates, please click the link to my website


Company: Soundbody & Soul